RCD modules for wallbox and totem EV chargers

22 February 2023

EEMPL have now released their latest product series of high-quality residual current detection (RCD) magnetic modules. Targeted specifically for residential wall boxes and public charge points; these devices add to their extensive range of automotive grade magnetic components.

The AMD-R0117F is an RCD module with integrated fluxgate IC to enable accurate real time effective detection of AC and DC residual currents and prove a trip signal to simplify leakage current detection design on customer applications.

Generally, there is some form of infrastructure required to supplement/charge the batteries on electric vehicles, these can be either AC or DC based and are divided into 4 modes in the most common of international EV charging standards. See fig 1

Mode1: connect EV directly to the power grid using appropriate connectors. This is forbidden in most countries due to safety requirements.

Mode2: utilisation of an in-cable control and protection device (IC-SPD)

Mode3: an AC charging device such as home wallbox, public charging station//totem or inductive charging

Mode4: DC charging device.

Recent regulations, IEC62752 and ICE62955, insist that when charging electric vehicles differential current sensors are employed to avoid hazardous situations where the DC batteries are connected to residential AC power supplies. The RCD modules from EEMPL, satisfy this requirement.

Darren Simmonds, VP sales for EEMPL comments “We are excited at the launch of this module, being the first in a series which we will be launching over the coming year. E&E are committed to rapidly expanding our range of magnetic modules which will deliver advantages by combining several functions into a single component with the benefit of saving space, cost and accelerating time to market”.

EEMPL are working with many major automotive companies with various components for applications such as wireless charging and OBC (on board charging). Many of such items are custom or slightly modified standard components, the factory has many engineers with years of experience in supporting custom automotive designs.

Our product specialists are on hand to assist with product selection and guide you through the design cycle. We offer technical and commercial support.

Please contact us to arrange a quote, discuss your application or request more information.


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