A New Era of Quality Inspection…

KEYENCE Redefines the Role of Quality Inspection in the Manufacturing Industry with Two New Products that Radically Simplify and Enhance Inspection Processes.

KEYENCE, experts in providing specialist measurement and inspection systems, have just released their latest VHX-7000N Digital Microscope. This ground-breaking system offers the world’s first 4K resolution along with a range of observation features, meaning that this microscope can deliver images that exceed conventional tools and rival that of an SEM.

The VHX Series has a large depth-of-field that combine with the automatic lighting to make detailed observation and inspection simple. To optimise quality inspection in particular, this system can take ultra-high resolution images and perform complex measurements, in just a few easy steps.

All of these features together contribute towards the main purpose of this system: Usability.

Any user can start using this system and, with no special training, capture optimised images and perform detailed microscopic inspection. Simply place the target on the stage, and everything else – including alignment, focus adjustment, magnification switching and so on – is fully automatic. Even first-time users can perform observation perfectly on the desired area, with no stress at all.

>> The VHX-7000N Series

The IM-8000 Series

Another cutting-edge product in the KEYENCE line-up is the IM Series Instant Measurement System. Engineered to reduce time spent on inspection, the system guarantees accurate, reliable and repeatable measurement for all types of small parts including PCBs, turned parts, fasteners, lead frames and precision moulded or pressed parts.

Speed of Inspection has been massively increased with the use of an Instant Measurement function that requires the user to simply place the parts on the stage and watch as they are instantly identified and measured. This feature greatly reduces production costs when the number of measurements is large. By preparing a program file with measurement points and conditions, up to 300 dimensions per part and up to 100 parts can be measured simultaneously. This function saves time and effort even with many parts and measurement points.

The programming procedure is very intuitive. While viewing a part, simply select what points, lines, circles, virtual lines, and other features to measure. Animations showing the operation methods and a procedures manual showing operation flow are provided for each menu. These on-screen procedures let anyone configure program settings with confidence. Once the program is set up, it is simply a matter of placing parts on the stage – they will be instantly measured and the results imported to a database/ spreadsheet of your choosing.

>> The IM-8000 Series

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