15 December 2022

European Circuits Limited are a privately owned company based in Glasgow. Established in 1999, ECL are one of the few companies in the UK that genuinely offer PCB fabrication and assembly from a single location as well as services such as cable assembly, product build and test.

In November 2022, European Circuits took delivery of a Mycronic YPro Series MY700 Jet Printer and Dispenser AND Mycronic MY300LX Pick-and-Place.

As quality requirements increase, batch sizes shrink and component complexity grows, jet printing of solder paste has become a reliable alternative to screen printing for manufacturers concerned about PCB defects. 

Mycronic jet printing technology makes it possible to dispense solder paste for the most challenging circuit boards and components, with micrometer accuracy, maximum speed and perfect quality solder joints.  

Fully software-driven and stencil-free, with complete solder paste volume control, the MY700 Jet Printer ensures consistently perfect quality solder joints. From pin-in-paste to package-on-package, flexible substrates and board cavities, the MY700 handles all these jobs and more with total control of solder paste deposit size, volume, shape and position.

In addition to the Solder Paste Printer, European Circuits have also invested in a Mycronic MY300LX Pick-and-Place. The MY300 delivers SMT pick-and-place at next level precision and flexibility in a fast, small and smart format.

It combines three programmable light sources with 2k resolution to ensure a future-proof solution for the most advanced components down to 0.15mm pitch. This enables us to deliver precise on-the-fly positioning and inspection for any type of miniaturized or specialised component.

Mark Briscoe, Managing Director of European Circuits Limited, commented: “The investment in the Mycronic equipment was described by one customer as a gamechanger for ECL. It absolutely is and demonstrates our commitment to supplying high quality Printed Circuit Board assemblies produced right here in the UK for a whole range of industries throughout the UK, Europe and beyond.”

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