The UK Supply Chain evolution in the age of Connected and Automated Mobility

21 March 2024 09:30 - 10:10

In this speech titled "The UK Supply Chain Evolution in the Age of Connected and Automated Mobility," Zenzic, as the vanguard of the UK Connected and Automated Mobility (CAM) ecosystem, will delve into the UK CAM supply chain landscape.

With a unique vantage point from our strategic research, Zenzic will illuminate the interplay among diverse organisations spanning traditional sectors such as automotive and infrastructure.

Our session will look at the role of collaboration, innovation and informed strategic vision in navigating the evolving UK CAM supply chain, positioning the UK at the forefront of the self-driving revolution.

Our session will elucidate key facets shaping the UK CAM supply chain, encapsulating actionable guidance to remain resilient, agile, and to maintain growth amidst transformative technologies and services.


1. Strategic insights into UK CAM supply chain
2. Collaborative ecosystem development
3. Informed strategic vision and roadmap
4. Resilience and agility in supply chain evolution
5. Positioning the UK at the forefront of CAM revolution

Bhavin Makwana, Senior Insights Strategist, Zenzic