Accurate thermal simulation for thermal management of an electric drivetrain

21 March 2024 10:30 - 11:10

In this session, Matt will discuss thermal simulation of electronics cooling using the example of an electric drivetrain.

When designing an electric drivetrain, ensuring the system is reliable is important. The key to achieving reliability is thermal management. Simulating the system before building any physical prototypes can provide valuable insights into the performance of the drivetrain components. Thermal simulation can help minimize thermal cycles and maintain a consistent temperature within the electronic system. By reducing stress on components and ensuring smooth operation, we can create a dependable and efficient electric drivetrain.


1. The importance of thermal management in designing any electronics system.
2. The key differences between simulation driven design versus prototype driven design.
3. How choice of simulation tool can reduce the number of assumptions required.
4. How simulation can be used to explore different design possibilities.
5. How simulation can be used to analyse results.

Matt Evans, Principal Product Engineer, Cadence Design Systems