What the world of tech can learn from making burgers

23 March 2023 12:30 - 13:10

What has making burgers got to do with delivery cutting edge technology? Not a lot, to be honest. But, this is the story of how one throw away sentence about a burger led to a complete strategy change, new ways of manufacturing, new partnerships, the delivery of huge SBC stock in times of shortage, the launch of not one, but two Generation 5 boards and a game changing customisation offering.

If you’re cooking up something new or looking to level up your existing engineering challenge, come listen to how the answer could be in making burgers.


1. How to navigate the chip shortage and get what you need
2. There’s more than one way to market
3. How to choose the right partner
4. How Generation 5 boards and power up your project and help the world
5. When to customise or calibrate