Putting challenging HDI PCB designs to work

23 March 2023 10:30 - 11:10

How general trends of the electronic industry affect the work of the PCB manufacturers and what they do to cope with the resulting challenges.

The trend towards downsizing electronic devices and components remains unbroken and requires even higher integration densities per circuit board area. The solution is offered by HDI circuits with their highly compact copper structures and stacked microvias. The presentation gives insights how these requirements are achieved along with decreasing batch sizes by using digitalization.


1. KSG Introduction 

2. Trend 1: Miniaturization
Challenge 1: Smaller lines and spacing
Challenge 2: Increasing number of copper layers and lamination steps
Challenge 3: Uneven copper distribution

3. Trend 2: High mix / Low volume
Challenge 4: Smaller batches
Challenge 5: More variability

4. Solutions and trends in PCB manufacturing
Trend/Solution 1: Digitalization
Trend/Solution 2: Automation and connection
Trend/Solution 3: Simulation and customization

5. Summary