12 March 2020 12:30 - 13:10

Discover the benefits additive manufacturing is bringing to activities such as lightweighting, high performance part development and metal replacement projects.

During the presentation we will deep dive into a range of applications including printing real carbon fibre composite parts, 3D printing composite layup tooling, developing manufacturing aids, and producing end use production parts.

Various Case Studies will be shared to demonstrate the huge savings in both time and money, and the numerous industries taking advantage from aerospace to automotive to healthcare and consumer products.

Stratasys additive manufacturing technologies are successfully finding applications across organisations well beyond designers and prototyping.


1. How additive manufacturing is working alongside traditional processes to drive down part costs and turnaround times.
2. Typical applications for additive manufacturing for engineers.
3. Real world case studies of parts that have been made by 3D printers with the cost and time savings and other benefits.
4. The process of identifying applications: straightforward easy tips and tricks about where additive technologies will bring benefit to you.
5. Getting started with additive, from preparing CAD files to getting parts made by bureaus to investing in a machine.

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