What are the challenges to making reliable thickness measurement?

24 March 2022 09:30 - 10:10

Thickness measurement is easy, right?
On the face of it you just take two sensors, position them opposite each other and do a simple calculation of distance between the sensors and the target.

What could possibly go wrong?
I will discuss the errors associated with real-world thickness measurement and how you can overcome them. Some are obvious, others less so, but all combine to give potentially large errors in the measurement. Then, even if you’ve overcome the obstacles to create a working solution, how do you prove the performance for your quality department and ensure the system maintains this performance? Join the session to find out the answers and see real applications of the working systems.

5 key learning points in this session:
1. Challenges faced when measuring thickness
2. Applying different technologies to overcome specific measurements
3. Sensor accuracy versus System accuracy
4. Proving your measurement performance
5. Solved applications for rubber, plastic and metals industry