Exploring Thermal Challenges and the Benefits of Simulation to Combat Risk

24 March 2022 09:30 - 10:10

We’ve been exploring the risks and challenges currently faced by Thermal Engineers in our State of Thermal 2022 Survey. Listen to this presentation to understand what thermal simulation is, its benefits and gain insight into industry best practice of engineering peers. We’ll go into detail on a prestigious case study of a company that has adopted thermal simulation in their work processes and the advantages of this approach. You’ll also get some useful tips and tricks in the use of thermal simulation showcasing an industry-leading electronics simulation software.

5 key learning points in this session:

1. Understand the thermal challenges currently faced by thermal engineers across industry verticals.
2. Explore what thermal simulation is and the benefits it can offer to your business in terms of cost and risk reduction.
3. Get a glimpse of thermal simulation software in action to appreciate how it can streamline PCB design.
4. Hear details of a PCB-focused case study using cutting-edge practices in PCB thermal analysis.
5. Gain practical tips and tricks in the use of simulation to streamline the PCB design process.

Matt Evans, Principal Product Engineer, Cadence Design Systems