Thursday 9 September 2021 | British Motor Museum | Gaydon

Measuring electronics assembly gaps at PCB Live

Following the assembly process of smartphone displays, it is important for manufacturers to be able to inspect the mounting tolerances of the various components in order to ensure continuous quality in all production batches. To help them achieve this, confocal chromatic sensors from PCB Live exhibitor Micro Epsilon travel over the components and inspect the required gaps with extremely high accuracy.

The confocal measurement principle is designed to provide OEMs with high accuracy, non-contact displacement distance and position measurement against almost any surface. Included amongst these are surfaces which are solid, transparent, polished mirror, low reflective or matt: and even some liquids. If a surface is transparent, by using Micro Epsilon equipment a one-sided thickness measurement can be achieved with inbuilt correction for the published refractive index of the material concerned.

It is common for Micro Epsilon confocal sensors to be selected when laser triangulation or other optical sensors are not either accurate or stable enough on the surface which is being measured. In addition, confocal sensors from Micro Epsilon have an extremely small spot diameter, typically a few microns, and measure in the vertical plane, so do not suffer from shadowing of the reflected light. This also enables Micro Epsilon products to effect measurement into small bores and holes. Almost all industries benefit from this measurement principle as it can be used across both R&D and in-process measurements. In particular, the semiconductor, micro lens, automotive parts, medical, glass, and MEMS industries use this sensor technology extensively in a variety of ways. This innovative measuring equipment for electronics manufacturing, and much more besides, can be discovered, discussed and evaluated on the Micro Epsilon stand at the forthcoming PCB Live event on March 12th.


PCB Live is the UK’s only dedicated event focusing on PCB design, test and manufacture. This one-day opportunity provides senior engineers with a platform to meet and talk with some of the most experienced PCB-related technologists and application experts in the country.

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