Thursday 9 September 2021 | British Motor Museum | Gaydon

Make Measurement Matter exhibitor’s older equipment proves irreplaceable

To quote many comedians, “The old ones are the best” and in the case of The Rail Wheel Factory (RWF) in Bangalore, Karnataka, this also proved to be true of its Tinius Olsen Air-o-Brinell hardness tester, which has served the factory extremely well for a great many years.

Interestingly, when the factory management was offered a new generation hardness testing machine to replace its ageing version, it decided instead to up-grade and refurbish the older system “Because  it has proven to be an extremely efficient and economical solution to testing requirements”.

The A-o-B machine from Tinius Olsen is an integral part of the factory assembly line, negating the need to set up tests separately with rolling stock wheels passing this assembly line to be tested, and then continuing on to an adjacent section for assembly.

RWF is a state of the art facility meeting the bulk requirements for wheels, axles and wheel sets for the entire Indian railway network, and the factory uses any spare capacity to meet domestic demands for non-railway customers as well as exports.

Although Tinius Olsen is unlikely to be exhibiting models of testing equipment as old as this one at the forthcoming Make Measurement Matter event on March 12th, visitors to the GTMA-backed event will be able to discuss the latest measurement technology for a variety of metrology and manufacturing applications.


Make Measurement Matter is backed by the GTMA and showcases the latest advances in metrology and measurement excellence for manufacturing industry. This one-day opportunity provides senior engineers with a platform to meet and talk with some of the most experienced metrology and measurement technologists and application experts in the country. 

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