Thursday 9 September 2021 | British Motor Museum | Gaydon

FAST Live exhibitor improves bearing life through better assembly

FAST Live exhibitor Rotor Clip recognises that applying a permanent thrust load to a bearing assembly is important for a secure and successful installation, and that the bearing preload process can significantly extend component lifetimes. It does so by eliminating unnecessary clearances, creating higher stiffness in the assembly and also by reducing vibration – as well as noise. Many engineers prefer to select a preload spring with a high axial load to ultimately prolong bearing life: but the design of ordinary single turn wave springs often includes sharp corners at the cut off area of the spring ends. These can scratch the surface of the balls in the bearing as well as the mating parts, with clearly detrimental results. Debris from this unwanted interaction can lead to failure of the bearing, followed, potentially, by a failure of the entire application in which the bearing is present.

To assist designers in avoiding this unwelcome situation, Rotor Clip's patented wave spring design features flattened  ends on the spring, so that they glide over mating parts without creating the excessive wear that can damage either the balls or mating surfaces in the bearing. Another advantage of the flattened spring ends is that they are less likely to slip into the bearing cage itself than ordinary wave springs are, thus further reducing any potential for disruption whilst in-service.

As with all of Rotor Clip wave spring designs, there is no tooling cost for custom designs with this flat end feature, and designers have available to them an almost limitless resource of different flat wire dimensions to meet varying specification criteria for different customer requirements and design characteristics. Rotor Clip wave springs are available in standard materials and also a selection of exotic alloys. Standard materials include carbon steel, oil tempered (SAE 1070 - 1090), carbon steel, hard drawn (SAE 1060 - 1075), Stainless Steel-AISI 302 and AISI 316, as well as 17-7PH stainless steel.

The full range of Rotor Clip patented wave spring designs, and many more fastening and assembly options available from the company, can be discussed on the Rotor Clip stand at the FAST Live exhibition on 12th March.

These new wave springs are just one of a wide range of engineered fastening solutions which visitors to the FAST Live event will be able to examine and discuss on the Rotor Clip stand. 


FAST Live is the UK’s only dedicated fastening, joining and assembly focused exhibition, and offers visitors a unique opportunity to meet and talk with some of the most experienced fastening, bonding and assembly application specialists. 

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