Thursday 9 September 2021 | British Motor Museum | Gaydon

Cocktail of Challenges Overcome by Automation

Engineering Solutions Live exhibitor Design & Automation Solutions (DAS) has raised the standard by applying some lateral thinking to help a customer overcome an unusual problem – how to mount Union flags onto cocktail sticks more speedily and with less downtime.

As a result of employing an updated assembly machine with an all-new jaw design from DAS, the customer has increased throughout by a significant 40%, and eliminated inaccuracies caused by the previous method. As a result, overall efficiency in the process has almost doubled.

Mick Stallwood, Managing Director of DAS, says: “It’s all in the detail and a review of the previously used (and often troublesome) process gave us our ‘Eureka’ moment. Once we had redesigned the machine head to a rotary jaw mechanism, it allowed the system to fold the label around the toothpick rather than using the toothpick to push the label into a forming jaw. The nett effect is the same because the flag ends up on the stick. But the process has changed and our new machine has transformed the customer’s manufacturing output and also eliminated the waste previously encountered. Transferring the flag on to the vacuum jaws brought about some initial challenges but they were swiftly resolved by our design office”.


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